District Statistical Hand Book, Kalahandi. Author, Orissa (India). District Statistical Office, Kalahandi. Published, Original from, the University of California. Kalahandi (locally pronounced Kalahani) is a district of Odisha in India. The region had a .. According to the census Kalahandi district has a population of 1,,, roughly On the other hand, Ghumura, Madali, Dandari , Dhab, Bajasalia etc. folk form found in Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Deputy Director (P&S) District Planning & Monitoring Unit, Kalahandi, Bhawanipatna . Govt. of India on behalf of ministry of Agriculture the “agriculture census” District Statistical Hand Book is a handy book encapsulated with data on socio.

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Kalahandi district – Wikipedia

Till date we publish District Statistical Hand Book with us. Archived from the original on 2 May Mango, Banana and cubage, curly flower, onion, tomato and turmeric etc. No cleanup reason has been specified. Moreover, this station serves the districts coming under the capital KBK scheme of the Govt.

Due to lack of rain, three-fourth crop production failed. Kalahandi is surrounded by hills. Is it is available of is being used as back end database.

In a kapahandi conference, “Rajya Sastriya Lekhaka Sammilani” in at Klahandi, many invited speakers and local intellectuals pointed out that it’s not wise to use the name “Kalahandi” as synonym for starvation death. Retrieved 27 September Addres of the Office: Tall claims for developing Kalahandi, little was done for long term sustainable development in higher education, national highway, railway and industry during those leadership at Delhi.


However, in post independence period it took about 30 years until late prime minister Maraji Desai accepted Deo’s proposal to construct the Indravati dam for hydroelectricity generation and irrigation purposes. Public interaction, if any: Assist all scheme and programme.

Sincethe Indian National Congress has been ruling for 20 years at the Centre. It is present on the top of the eastern ghats from where half of the Kalahandi district is visible including Junagarh, Kalampur block etc.

District Statistical Hand Book, Expenditure for last year. Information of all files. As cnsus the date fixed distriict the ChairpersonDPC. The scheme designed to build up reliable estimates on Area, yield Rate and Production of selected fruits and Vegetables viz.

Date up to which valid.

In the Ministry of Panchayati Booo named Kalahandi one of the country’s most backward districts out of a total of Initially this office was known as District Planning Unit. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. But Mr Giridhar Gomang, Chief Minister of Odisha later in agreed to establish two Universities in Baripada and Balasore due to public protest making people of Kalahandi highly disappointed.

Phurli Jharan is one of the most famous tourist spots in Kalahandi. Main function of the body.


A proverb for ‘Sukhbasi’ runs thus: During the course of regular tour s to different work sitesthe officer keep in touch with the general public and try to collect information. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards.

This discrimination is thought to be due to national politics. Forest based products like Mahua, Kendu leaf, wood, timber and bamboos contribute local economy largely. In the s Kalahandi become infamous for drought, child selling, malnutrition and starvation death and social worker referred it as kalahnadi Syndrome’.

Kalahandi district

Ghumura dance is depicted in Sun Temple of Konark confirming this dance form is since the medieval period. Kalahandi locally pronounced Kalahani is a district of Odisha in India. But now everybody irrespective of caste, creed and religion celebrate it.

It is published on bi-yearly basis.

The District Planning Committee was formed to prepare the Comprehensive District Plan, monitoring district sector schemes and evaluation. That article led the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi to pay a visit to the district and brought the district to the attention of the national stage for its acute poverty and famine. Overall Kalahandi life is associated distrrict music and dance.