HVCA DW August 16, | Author: pheed5 | Category: Duct (Flow), Specification (Technical Standard), Screw, Building, Building Engineering. DW/ is recognised throughout the UK as the Standard Specification for ductwork manufacture and installation. It came into being in when it replaced. Kent Ductwork manufactures standard galvanised ducting to the DW specifications, which achieves all of the current BS, EN & ISO standards.

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How changes to the Apprenticeship Levy will affect the construction sector. BS EN Aluminium and aluminium alloys. The system designer must specify material type, thickness, and application method. Ductwork hangers and supports. BS Carbon steel plate, sheet and strip.

Method for classification of the surface spread of flame tests for materials. If you knowingly ignore advice or information that ductworm to a failure in the fire performance of any element of installed fire protection within a building, then you are likely to be found to be just as culpable as the deficient installer.

The damper assembly shall have a fire integrity classification E equal to that of the fire barrier it penetrates.

The information in this section is provided for general guidance only and more detailed information on thermal insulation can be obtained from TIMSA Thermal Insulation Manufacturers and Suppliers Association and TICA Thermal Insulation Contractors Association both of whom have jointly provided the information in this section. Before a grade is specified, the nature of the interior and exterior environments of the ductwork system should be taken into account.

It is not practicable to deal here with the full range of supports available, which increasingly includes proprietary types such as wire rope dww144 systems, so in sw144 section various methods of support are dealt with in principle under the three elements of: The CPR aims to remove technical barriers to trade for construction products across Europe.

Illustrations of those most commonly used are shown in Figs. Single-blade ductowrk double-skin section are suitable for use in rectangular ducts, and shall have a maximum duct width of mm and a maximum height of mm.

  EN 14122-3 PDF

DW standard – Pro-Duct Clean

Appendix Duxtwork recognizes two main aspects of cleaning access: Basements with natural ventilation should have a permanent opening, not less than 2.

More highly alloyed grades of Stainless Steel with enhanced corrosion resistance are available if required. Requirements for ductwork components to facilitate maintenance of ductwork systems.

This document Older versions.

Information on the regulations is available at government websites as is Approved Document B. Related Products TR Fire resisting ducts and fire dampers BS EN Fire classification using data from fire resistance tests on components of smoke control systems Reference Ducts for ventilation, pressurisation and kitchen extract Smoke control ducts etc. It is important to recognise that ductwork panels, joints and corners are particularly susceptible to damage and care should be taken to ensure ductwor handling methods are used on site.

Dampers shall have casing leakage classes to meet BS EN The Director is not usually responsible cw144 the physical updating of company knowledge on legislation, more often this is the role of a safety professional.

If airtight, waterproof flexible insulation jackets are applied on positive pressure ducts, the insulation should accommodate some duct leakage: Certain regulations require particular records to be produced, kept or maintained. Having considered the scope and the design of the ductwork system ew144 to the guidelines outlined in J.

If tested unprotected Steel Suspension devices Drop Rods can be used up to 1. Illustrations indicating sealant locations will be found in the sections dealing with the construction of rectangular, circular and flat oval duct sections. BS – Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings This standard gives a large amount of information to support ADB.

The conditions for factory and site storage are the same, however it is appreciated duplicating factory conditions on site is not always possible. Rolled steel angle bearers are shown in Fig.


All products shall be protected against corrosion as necessary and supplied in a fully finished condition as specified by the system designer. A CDM Co-ordinator has to be appointed by the client if a project lasts more than 30 days or involves more than person days of work, and he is ducgwork to advise and assist the client on how to fulfill their duties.

Ductwoek centres largest distance between suspension devices used in the test construction cannot be exceeded in practice. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: However, advice on specific corrosion risks should be taken if the ductwork is to be installed in a chemically contaminated atmosphere, or is to be used to transport contaminated air, particularly if there is a risk of internal condensation. Want access to British Standards? BS EN Welding consumables. Some of the conventional methods of seaming may be used, but a number of others are not suitable.

Refer to right hand page opposite for additional information relating to Notes 10 to 13 in Table 4. Repeated bending is not recommended.

A CE mark means that a manufacturer claims that their product conforms to the minimum legal requirements for health and safety as laid down in EU directives. Heat Metering TR A large number of injuries at work are caused by accidents during this process through poor handling techniques.

Duct work construction to DW/144

Ductwogk Appendix G for more detailed guidance on the storage and protection of components. For cost reasons, testing of ductwork designed to operate at low and medium pressures or velocities is required only when stipulated in individual job specifications. The surface has minimized spangles obtained by influencing the solidification process in a specific way.

Tolerances, dimensions and sectional properties. In this analogy the change to the vehicle would not become ductwwork until its next MOT or when a collision occurs!