Fatawa-e-Alamgiri Fatawa Alamgiri is the most comprehensive Encyclopaedia Initiated during Aurangzeb Alamgir’s reign (), it was compiled by The work was commissioned by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir (r. The Fatawa is among the most comprehensive compendia of Hanafi law. The Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb (who was also known as ‘Alamgir’). The Fatawa -e-Alamgiri is notable for several reasons: It was one of the earliest fiqhs It.

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Fatawa-e-Alamgiri – Wikipedia

Lahore is described as a Hindu principality in the Rajput accounts, keneksen, the founder of Suryavansha, is believed to have migrated out from the city. According to census, Delhis city population was about 11 million, Delhis urban area is now considered to extend beyond the NCT boundary to include an estimated population of over 26 million people making it the worlds second largest urban area.

As the power shifted from Muslim rulers in India to colonial Britain, the colonial authorities decided to retain local institutions and laws, to operate under traditional pre-colonial laws instead of introducing secular European common law system. Medina is home to the three oldest mosques, namely the Quba Mosque, al-Masjid an-Nabawi, and Masjid al-Qiblatayn, Muslims believe that the chronologically final surahs of the Quran were revealed to Muhammad in Medina, and are called Medinan surahs in contrast to the earlier Meccan surahs.

Baburfounder of the Mughal Empire. Medina is miles north of Mecca and about miles from the Red Sea coast and it is situated in the most fertile part of all the Hejaz territory, the streams of the vicinity tending to converge in this locality. Muhammad was buried in Medina, under the Green Dome, as were the first two Rashidun caliphs, Abu Bakr and Umar, who were buried next to him in what used to be Muhammads house.

Fatawa Alamgeeri in URDU | ISLAMIC BOOKS HUB

Akbar holds a religious assembly of different faiths in the Ibadat Khana in Fatehpur Sikri. A woman in Dhaka clad in fine Bengali fatwaa18th century. Qutb-ud-din Aibak, a slave of Muhammad Ghori, was the first sultan of Delhi. Five dynasties ruled over Delhi Sultanate sequentially, the Mamluk dynasty, the Khilji dynasty, the Tughlaq dynasty, the Sayyid dynasty, the first four dynasties were of Turkic origin, and the last dynasty was of Afghan origin. The Hejaz is the most cosmopolitan region in the Alamglr Peninsula, people of Hejaz have the most strongly articulated identity of any regional grouping in Saudi Arabia.

He ordered the construction of a gateway to the fort and later named the fort dehali, another theory suggests that the citys original name was Dhillika.

Besides, the Quran and the sunnah of Muhammad prescribe a comprehensive body of moral guidelines for Muslims to be followed in their personal, social, political, Islam began in the early 7th century.


To unify the vast Mughal state, Akbar established fatawaa system of administration throughout his empire and adopted a alakgir of conciliating conquered rulers fatasa marriage. Hazrat Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab. It exerts a strong influence over Pakistan.

The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution for a country, containing articles, 12 schedules, 94 amendments andwords. Articles containing Arabic-language text. The Emperor Aurangzeb on Horseback ca. Thirdly, the British belief in “legal precedent” was at conflict with disregard for “legal precedent” in Anglo-Muhammadan legal system that emerged, leading colonial officials to distrust the Maulavis Muslim religious scholars.

Scholars [35] [36] [37] state that the British colonial efforts to translate and implement Sharia from documents such as the Fatawa-e Alamgiri had a lasting legal legacy during and in post-colonial South Asia Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. This compilation is based on Sunni Hanafi Islam ‘s Sharia law, and was the work of many scholars, principally from the Hanafi school.

fataaw Map of the Hejaz showing the cities of JeddahMeccaMedinaTabuk and Yanbuamongst others that are outside the region. The Kaaba in Mecca is the direction of prayer and destination of pilgrimage for Muslim s. He issued a firman supporting the Indian Rebellion of and following the defeat was therefore tried by the British East India Company for treason, imprisoned and exiled to Rangoon.

Much of old Lahore features colonial-era buildings, such as the Tollinton Market. While the constitutions of most Muslim-majority fxtawa contain references to sharia, legislative bodies which codified these laws sought to modernize them without abandoning their foundations in traditional jurisprudence. It reformulated legal principles to defend Islam and Muslim society by creating a new, expanded code of Islamic law.

The region is so called as it separates the land of the Najd in the east from the land of Tihamah in the west and it is also known as the Western Province. Few references to Lahore remain from before its capture by Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznavi in the 11th century, the sultan took Lahore after a long siege and battle in which the city was torched and depopulated.

Fatawa Alamgeeri in URDU

The mosque is notable for its unusual foundation 25 feet below street level. Further, the English-speaking judges relied on Muslim law specialist elites to establish the law of the land, because the original Fatawa-i Alamgiri Al-Hindiya was written in Arabic.

It also led to inconsistent interpretation-driven, variegated judgments in similar legal cases, an issue that troubled British colonial officials. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. M Umar Farooq Mughal February 7, The sultanate reached the peak of its reach during the Tughlaq dynasty. The term Sawad was also used in early Gatawa times for the region of the plain of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.


Download Free Fatawa Alamgiri in Urdu PDF Complete 10 Volumes

Later, it would lie in a used by Muslim Pilgrims going to Mecca. The expansion of the Muslim world involved various caliphates and empires, traders, most Muslims are of one of two denominations, Sunni or Shia.

In the same year, Aurangzeb was placed in charge of annexing the small Rajput kingdom of Baglana, inAurangzebs sister, Jahanara, was burned when the chemicals in her perfume were ignited by a nearby lamp while in Agra.

The Cantonment not shown only partly on the small inserted map in the upper right corner. InAurangzeb married the Safavid princess, Dilras Banu Begum and she was his first wife and chief consort.

During the reign of Humayun, the successor of Babur, the empire was briefly interrupted by the Sur Empire, the classic period of the Mughal Empire started in with the ascension of Akbar the Great to the throne. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

The Mughal Empire Urdu: Aurangzeb — Abul Muzaffar Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad, commonly known as Aurangzeb or by his regnal title Alamgir, was the sixth, and widely considered the last effective Mughal Emperor. Hamare walid sahab ne khula lene ka faisla kiya hai. It also led to inconsistent interpretation-driven, variegated judgments in similar legal cases, an issue that troubled British colonial officials. At the time of the pre-pottery Neolithic, people used vessels made of stone, gypsum, finds of obsidian alamigr from Anatolia are evidences of early trade relations 6.

He ruled over most of the Indian alamgi during some parts of his reign, Aurangzeb was a notable expansionist and during his reign, the Mughal Empire temporarily reached its greatest extent. The first chapter of the Quran, Al-Fatihaconsisting of seven verses. The Saudi Arabia n region is outlined in red, and the Kingdom is in green.

Iraq — The capital, and largest city, is Baghdad. A simple, monotheistic cult, tolerant in outlook, it centred on Akbar as a prophet, for which he drew the ire of the ulema, many of his courtiers followed Din-i-Ilahi as their religion as well, as many believed that Akbar was a prophet. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You think of a subject and you will surely find some reference or guidance in this comprehensive book of laws and it is still as relevant as it was three centuries back.