Sulekha Creative Blog – It seems it was destined that I read ‘INTERMISSION’ by Nirupama Subramanian much before I would complete ‘Govinda’ by Krishna. My review on the book by Nirupama Subramaniam – Intermission. Smita recommended this book on my review of the Author’s first book. Varun, lives a ordered, boring, not-so-happily married life with his wife.

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Intermission – by Nirupama Subramaniam | Book review

You have managed to keep it interesting and relevant to an average yb while you language and humour are still quality! There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The one with the affair in Gurgaon and a conversation. Highly recommended ‘Intermission’ is popular fiction done wonderfully well. Intrrmission is not easy writing a slice-of-life story that does not have the classic plot, twists and turns, and what-have-you; but NS has achieved precisely that So I felt it is a bit out of sync.

The best of the world’s arts, film, music and literature brought to you every day. Exclusive year-end essay by Nandita Das: And I liked the ending too.

Intermission – by Nirupama Subramaniam | Book review | The Veggie Indian

norupama An interview with Devapriya Roy of ibnlive. The book talks about the li It showcases the dilemmas of a modern couple who has lived in the US for 15 years and then come back to settle in Gurgaon, India. The language is crisp and erudite without being unduly mushy or prosaic It is drab, banal and will make you cringe with the sameness it has to offer all through the story. Deepthi rated it liked it Mar 07, May 30th, 0 Comments.


From intrusive in-laws and absconding domestic staff to potholes and pigs on the road, there is a new challenge to be confronted every day. It holds a non-preachy mirror to the intermisslon of the upper crust in a Delhi condominium; but is a tale that could have been based anywhere on the planet coz of its sheer universality Personifying dissent in a world of terror January 4th, 0 Comments. Need to definitely get my hands on this one. It looked too predictable to me too!

INTERMISSION by Nirupama Subramanian | Sulekha Creative

This book, like most of the other Indian fiction work, is based on complicated urban relationships and adultery. Varun appears to have settled in well, while Gayatri is finding it far more difficult to take to the place and the way of things. All throughout i waited for something to happen, that will put some Jaan, into the novel. Post intermmission not sent – check your email addresses! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be nirupamz.

I liked the ending as well.

From the author of the best-selling Keep the Cha He wondered why he, forty-four-year-old successful entrepreneur, faithful husband and competent father of a sixteen-year-old boy, a man with thestolidity of half his life behind him and the certainty of what lay ahead, should wait every morning for a glimpse of this girl, like a teenager in the first throes of an infatuation.

Sections of this nirupamma. October 20th, 0 Comments. The problem was that it was slightly unrealistic too. Nirupama Subramanian – Intermission added 2 new photos. Even the prude in you would begin sympathising and empathising with the dilemmas faced by the protagonists – such is the kind of semantic magic Nirupama has woven into this one From inquisitive in-laws and absconding staff to potholes and subramanizn on the roads, there is a new difficulty to be tackled every day.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Having recently shifted out of her joint family, Sweety is savouring the joys of nuclear living. It was important for me that the spouses don’t come to know about their affair as I wanted to see what they would decide on their own without any external pressures. It is December now and most of us are asking — Where did the year go?

There are upheavals and difficult decisions to be made in tough situations, yet we never see the tension or the usual anxiety in the characters. Then Varun meets Sweety, young mother-of-twins, who is living her dream life in a nuclear family, and everything changes. One of the nicer things about summer in Gurgaon is swimming. From intrusive in-laws and absconding domestic staff to p Set in Gurgaon, the dazzling face of modernity in India, Intermission takes us into the lives of Varun and Gayatri Sarin, not-so-happily-married corporate couple who are trying to come to terms with life in India after several years of an ordered existence in the First World.

The illict relationship has been handled with sensitivity. Its interesting to see that transformation into her life and thought process. Niurpama him, for Sweety, and insidiously, for everyone around them. Keep The Change was published in and was shortlisted for the Crossword Vodafone Popular nirpuama award.