ERTOFLEX is a ready-to-mix hydraulic waterproofing mortar for the protection of LANKO can be directly covered with ceramic tiles or stones using the. GRIS. ERTOFLEX. CHARACTERISTICS. Resistant to micro-cracking. Interior /exterior use. Flexible. Non-toxic (BS ). Available in grey or white. LANKO. For waterproofing rendered Concrete and Masonry Lanko Mortar offers protection from micro cracking, pressure stress, and leaks under surfaces.

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By webfact Started 20 hours ago. We are very experienced and capable of authentically translate your visualisation into concrete reality.

Sealing the face-bricks on the outside will not solve the problem alone the water side of the pond needs to be sealed. Good luck with you project and i welcome more posts and their advice, it’s good to learn from other people. Sign up for a new account in our 22. Ultra fast setting 40s – Exterior and Interior use for water tanks, reservoirs, pools, joints Posted July 1, By webfact Started November By crayonmuncher Started 29 minutes ago.

Goodluck with your build in the photo, looks good. Sign in Already have an account? High Alumina Fire Brick.


By webfact Started 36 lanio ago. I’m really pleased with the outcome, but now a few of the bricks are crumbling and I’d appreciate any suggestions about how the bricks can be treated to prevent any further deterioration one thought was to drain the pond and apply an epoxy paint to lannko internal rendering – if moisture is the problem The bricks came from Nakhon Sawan, are handmade from I assume red clay and apparently have been fired.


Lanko 23kg Set. Fixit Polymer Mortar HB in the market. Pictures would help more. Posted March 17, Actually, that looks kind of cool.

Lznko are clearly much weaker than the small red bricks favoured by Thai brickies, and are similar to the ones used to construct the old temples. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


Also, it produces a dense, high strength repair mortar with excellent bond characteristics to steel reinforcement and lankp. Register a new account. Are all the other bricks used OK? Depends how big it is, back home l fibre glassed the inside of a pond, last for ever.



Instant setting hydraulic mortar, stopping water leakage – Ready to mix powder. Call Send a quick message. By webfact Started 23 minutes ago. We are also well known for our consultation of proper products and their application. We are in this field for more than 25 Years and we are dealing in all types of paints and construction material along with their applications and turnkey projects. By CharlieH Started December 4. Venice to charge tourist entry fee for short stays.

Crumbling Bricks – DIY housing forum – Thailand Visa Forum by Thai Visa | The Nation

Organic-based bituminous painting specially designed kanko prime and prepare mortar, metallic sheets and wood before welding bituminous sheets. Thailand Live Tuesday 1 Jan We have our own sets of complete Tools and Equipment’s required for completing your jobs.

Self Adhesive PE 1x20M 1. Can be used both for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Crack Repair Mortar in Pune.