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Adopción: | CANL An Act respecting bene‚ts for members of the Canadian Forces. Canadá – Categorías especiales de trabajadores – Ley. Adopción: | DNKM Dinamarca – – Ley. Act respecting the sharing of vocational training expenses between employers. No. TicketsNow – Buy and sell tickets online at TicketsNow, offering concert tickets, theater tickets, football tickets, baseball tickets, Broadway tickets and more!.

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LS – Den. List of substances; exemptions.

Doc. 2: La Ley de la memoria historica (extract)

Amends, inter alia, ss. Structure of placement services and period for which allowances are payable to persons under 60 years of age.

Notification respecting the rules for the reporting of employment injuries. An Act to amend the Vacation Leave Act extension of vacation leave, etc.


Considered an essential possession for every law student, [7] the Dyer’s work has been called “a fruitful collection” and “among the best of the old Reports. Notification of the Czechoslovakia Bureau of Mines respecting the inspection periods for electrical equipments, and the re-examination of inspectors of electrical equipment subject to control by the organs of the state mining administration.

On that date repeals Act No. Requirements for working conditions are set out in the second part, and the procedure for one extraction is set out in the third part. Act respecting medical care in the event of pregnancy and the assistance provided to women on their confinement. This Notification sets out the principle of wage scales based on the division of occupational duties into a number of broad categories.

Notification respecting health services on board ship. An Act to amend [No. In justified instances, the condition may be waived if the application of the Law should interfere with an important security interest of the State and unless its purpose should be counteracted thereby.


Regulates testing, supervision, approval and maintenance, authorisation, appeal procedure and penalties. Law by which some additional prerequisites are prescribed for the exercice of certain functions in the state organs and organisations of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, Czeck Republic and Slovak Republic.

Notification to amend the Notification [No. What code is in the image?: Notification to make provision for the election by the staff of the members of the boards of management of joint-stock and other companies with share capital, and for other purposes.

Du service minimum obligatoire arts. Dinamarca – – Acuerdo internacional. La Ley de la memoria historica extract.

During Dyer’s legal career he originated the modern system of reporting law cases to serve as precedents. Notification respecting the reporting of employment accidents to the labour inspection service.

The 113433 part of the document lays down the general provisions for infrastructure, qualification of personnel and emergency procedures.

The Act governs the rights and obligations of owners of real estate, of those using land, and of farmers; the rights of agricultural cooperatives are 14333 subject to the Act of leyy May Text No.

Notification respecting the admission 1343 aliens to, and their residence in, Denmark. Dinamarca – – Ley An Act to amend various enactments respecting the protection of workers safety delegates, employment of young persons, accident statistics, workers’ protection funds, etc. Notification respecting the admission of, and training contracts, etc. The staff of the bodies affected will receive monthly supplements under Section III 1 on the right to wage and Section III 2 on the determination of wages, taking into consideration sections 83 on hours of work and 86 on reduced hours of work of the Labour Code [SL Cz.


Doc. 2: La Ley de la memoria historica (extract) |

Notification respecting the sea transport of dangerous goods. Notification respecting the Act respecting conciliation in industrial disputes [LS – Den.

Notification of the Act respecting disability pensions, and for other purposes. Veterans Benefit Act [R. Notification respecting the conditions of admission to vocational rehabilitation institutions. Notification of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to simplify wage payment systems in respect of manual workers, commercial enterprise employees and technicians.

It distinguishes between those who are entitled to compensation those who were defrauded or their heirs and “persons who are responsible” the State or persons having possession of the property in question. Notification respecting the limitations on entitlement to sickness insurance benefits in the case of certain categories of persons. This Law has as its objective the recognition and extension of rights in favour of those who suffered persecution ldy violence, for reasons of politics, ideology or for religious beliefs, during the Civil War or the Dictatorship, to ely their moral redress and the recovery of their personal and family memory, and to adopt complementary measures designed to suppress elements of division between citizens, all this with the object of fostering cohesion and solidarity between the various generations of Spaniards with respect to principles, values and constitutional liberties.

Dinamarca – – Ley An Act to amend the Act [no. Notification of the Widows’ Pensions Act [No.