Tradition Book: Verbena (Mage: The Ascension) [Steve Kenson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. derived from the white wolf book of. Hello. I have only the (revised) core rule book, and here I do not understand the paradigm of Orde of Hermes and Verbena (Despite description. Mages of Verbena are blood-shamans, healers and primordial witches and warlocks. They are masters of the sphere of Life. The Verbenae believe Life is.

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Other Verbena say seek something like god-hood – becoming completely and totally some aspect of Nature, just as the gods of legend are.

The distinctions between these three groups are sometimes obvious, but often times very subtle. It is the ground beneath our feet and the ground from which Magick flows as well.

Their rituals are powerful, but they need to learn that power flows from the heart and soul, not the textbook. You could build a drinking game out of this thing, and you’d be hammered into unconsciousness. The names below assume the Willworker was apprenticed in a more eclectic version of Verbena tradition.

Kali is the force that destroys and brings death, and as such is to be honored as part of life and vefbena.

When Darkness Falls: Mage – Verbena Paradigm

This often causes problems and the Verbena in particular have had to fill their ranks to a large degree with paradigms the old guard would consider watered down, pop-religious, feel good bullshit. Dream – The Cauldron of Ceridwen. Matter – The Path of Hera. Life at 3, one other Sphere at 3.

Questions about the Verbena A friend of mine saw this in a used bookstore and thought the cover looked cool. Altars, athame, blood, mate, chalices, chanting, dance, herbs, incense, ordeals, pentacles, runes, sacrifices, sex. This is why the Verbena are said to seek an Ascension of Self.


But I can look in the mirror and say that I have lived. Its something some of the other Traditions can approach, but none so well as the Verbena.

This never-ending cycle occupies the Verbena, and its constant pulse is the heart of the Tradition.


The ,age traces its path from a group of primordial Awakened known as the Wyck, whom they believe carried the knowledge of magick across the globe. It’s shown on their corebook description, I believe, as well as in the subdivisions.

That being said, these primal sorcerers work magic the way they embrace life- with determination and raw passion. Using a certain Path is as much about worshipping and respecting the goddess or god as it is about becoming that deity and understanding her or his place in Nature. Mind – The Path of Thoth.

They are masters of the sphere of Life. They have little time for pretension and civility.

Verbena ‘Life is all around us, in the water, i n the trees, in the teeming violence of predator and prey, in your blood. Originally posted by Ramnesis View Post.

An Epic Game of Reality on the Rink. Some rivers are bigger than others. We come into the world bloody and squalling; we prey on flesh and fruit for survival; we grow, learn and adapt; we want and die, only to feed new life.

Paradigm Summary: Verbena

Quick question, how do the Verbena feel about vampires? By learning the secrets of the seasons and the rhythms of life, the Willworker learns all sorts of useful techniques with which to heal or harm.

This is in part represented by the countless deities they worship. Its not an easy compromise, but the Verbena’s numbers would be even smaller if they didn’t make it; too many would be turned away by verbna old ways.


They are mafe hollow tree — elegant outside, but rotting within. Flow mqge Life The Verbena are so attuned to living cycles that they neither hesitate nor second-guess themselves in matters of nature. If an animal is caught in a trap or a patient is in the grip of a terrible ailment, they will do their best to nurse them back to health.

The Amge believe Life is sacred, and to be prized above all things. Werewolves tend to have an attitude that individual humans don’t really matter in the big picture. Euthanatos and Verbena are different because Verbena tend to focus on the birth-to-death ‘experience’ while Euthanatos focus on the death-to-rebirth ‘experience’. Previous 1 2 3 4 6 Next.

Is there any hope they will be slightly reflavoured to better reflect ‘Old Agey’ Pagans or are we doomed with ‘New Agey’ pagans?

Can you, with your illusions maye comfort, say the same? He has much to teach, but just as he did not come by his position easily, so this path is not without peril. Why do they need to put their faith in machines? Then came the fall of Rome, and the rise of the Catholic Church which told people that their natural urges were base and shameful, that their bodies were impure and untrustworthy, and that anyone who practiced simple folk cures was actually in league with the Devil.

Almost all of their society as I know it, I am not a historian seems to align quite perfectly with the Verbena.