AA – The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Marie Carré (died ) was a French Protestant nurse who later in life converted to become a Roman Catholic nun. She is known primarily in the English-speaking world for having published a purported memoir entitled AA- The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle, which. Absorbing and compelling reading from beginning to end, AA Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into the Church is a must read for every Catholic.

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He de-emphasizes the role of the priesthood by encouraging the removal of the cassock and habit. We will easily know when your own ideas have aaa their way into peoples’ minds. Then I saw this marvelous thing: He had the trite reaction of speaking to me about my eternal salvation. So I asked her if she would agree to carry a letter to a com- rade of mine, who would return from class at noon- time.

The aim of these two men was to rid humanity of all the systems which it had fhe itself through the Bible, and especially the New Testament. For, all this is comedy, all those speeches by which we are invited to participate as adults while Christ called to Him- self little children is but derision trying to disguise some kind of ironical and cruel authoritativeness, but [which is] apt wn turn against itself.

One night, I tried to intoxicate memoird to find out if my brains would receive a useful impulse from it. As to the virtue of obedience, it is one of the principal conventions of this Church. In essence, he introduces proposals to “Protestantize” the Faith. The woman of my dreams wore, on that day, The Ambitious One 63 a very simple blue dress and had around her neck just one jewel, a large medal of the Virgin, called the Miraculous Medal.

I felt frightfully unhappy, apstle I then stopped to think that this work was my only reason for living, my only love. As I was overjoyed with these orders and prophecies, my singing professor had me called on the phone.


Dancing is a diabolical invention. But the Irish, with- out being aware of it, have helped me to show some courage. He answered that he knew it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In truth, he had no precise motive to reject me totally, except a sort of intuition, all that is of very little scientific nature.

Broad daylight woke me up. And I swore to myself that it would disappear from our streets and even our churches, because one can easily say Mass in apostls his coat.

Carré Marie – AA The memoirs of an anti-apostle – Free PDF

His aim is to lower the importance of the clergy to the role of the layman; effectively destroying the priesthood. Nevertheless, it is relatively easy to know what they dislike. But she had a weakness for the mysterious. This Saint is so popular that you can impute to him any miracle whatsoever; pious people will always fall for it.

I was therefore obliged to ask our services to see to it that the confidence shown to the Pope by Catholics be ridiculed discreetly on every possi- ble occasion. But “Raven Hair” seemed to possess a certain gift of divination, a gift that sometimes scares me.

AA-1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle

I thought of weakening it by cultivating remorse. I will skip the details. He even said to me, “So you are becoming more human? Moreover, let me be honest and, since Aposle have spoken of confession, let me be completely honest about it: Julie rated it emmoirs was ok Sep 10, As for Lourdes, it is terribly annoying; it is an open wound in the hearts of Protestants.

It was easy for me to say: The professor also taught me a reasonable way to say Mass, since in six years I would be obliged to say it. But either he refused to answer my questions, or he did not have the strength to do so.

You can completely see how all these ideas have been put into practice. I saluted the Chief in a dignified manner and thanked him coldly. At the time they found me, crying alone on a road, they were still young, about 35 years of age. Published June 28th by Tan Books first published May 1st It was a sign that th felt my lack of a priestly voca- tion, but had absolutely not guessed the power and seriousness of my socialist vocation.


All that is religious belongs ax another domain.

Jul 23, Alexandra MacMillan rated it it was amazing. Pride Is Exalted 23 It is at the same time medical and mathemati- cal, which, even though they do not go together, nevertheless I marry those two elements.

Te dared not speak of my supposed apparition Comedy Meets with Obstacle 29 of St. Much work in sight, but it was worthwhile. So I asked them to perform an immense cleaning out. It seemed to me that the cassock spoke a mute but oh so eloquent language!

Oh, I know very well that God does not need to be defended, that He has no need of me, but I also know that He could in the past have left me in error, in the sadness of unanswered questions, in the atmosphere of a ab presumption which, for example, has kept the Irish Catholics in ghettos for four centuries, where laws pretending to be legiti mate and sacred acted as a barbed wire fence.

It was easy to review the past and live again the vague pain that had prompted me to leave for Russia.

She belonged to me, that’s aoostle. At the end of a certain time, more or less long, you will be put into direct action with the network. I will say that the ways of today, the ways of so-called “meaning of history” have a taste of “ashes” to me. I was again alone with the Uncle.