The material contained in this book was originally published as a set of serial lessons. They are part of the lessons written by C. C.. Zain and published. The Sacred Tarot has 19 ratings and 2 reviews. Astral said: This book is a very in depth look into understanding the Tarot. While C.C. Zain does cover ma. Book 06 the Sacred Tarot Cc Zain – Ebook download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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It is also the symbol of those rivalries which are so common among men, which divert energies into channels that result in sacted for all. As XXII, it is well represented by the letter T with its point thus down; but as 0, the circle being the symbol of spirit, zian is represented by the reversed T, that is, having the point, or energy, directed upward, the cross-bar resting below on the earth, and thus indicating that the thoughts, emotions and actions, are directed exclusively toward spiritual endeavor.

Les Grant marked it as to-read Aug 15, Zaon also represents medium-ship, rather than conscious control; for the chief center of power in disintegrative mediumship is the solar plexus. The head of the Bull represents the fructifying agent of nature and points out the necessity of labor in all progress.

The Sacred Tarot

From his brow the sacred serpent thrusts its head; and at his feet kneel two men, one dressed in red and the other dressed in black.

Thus the platform on which the men were standing represents the last incarnation in matter. Justice, emanating from God, as symbolized by the overshadowing protection, is the equilibrium between right and duty. The sacred serpent at his brow indicates enlightenment; and the hawk, sacred to the sun, indicates his ambition to attain spiritual supremacy.

This is essentially a phallus, and indicates the perpetual action of creative energy upon all things born or to be born. Ben Kotyuk rated it it was amazing Apr 10, The fluid is poured from a silver cup into the sea to indicate that the loving, emotional side of man’s nature must be nourished if he is to grasp the inner truth. On this early stage the Church of Light used a set of black and white Tarot cards, where the majors and courts were taken from the Saint-Germain illustrations while the minors were original images.


To ask other readers questions about The Sacred Tarotplease sign up. In her left hand she carries an eagle, the symbol of fruitfulness and of the heights to which the flights of the spirit can raise itself through the emotions engendered in union.

The Tarot of C. C. Zain

From her brow the sacred serpent thrusts its head as a symbol of enlightenment. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The sacred serpent signifies that she acts in full knowledge of her power, and not blindly. Random rated it really liked it Oct 07, She wears a crown of lance-heads, holds in her right hand a raised sword, in her left hand a balance, and from her brow the sacred serpent thrusts its head.

The false radiance of the moon indicates the glamor that surrounds such an occasion. All the 78 cards have now been redrawn using computer technologies. Gold signifies light, and the circle expresses the universal circumference in which gravitate all created things. The lamp being concealed by the mantle symbolizes discretion, and also expresses the truth that if we are ever to know the real nature of anything we must delve deep beneath the cloak of external appearances.

The Sacred Tarot by C.C. Zain

Refresh and try again. Jackie Thompson rated it it was amazing Nov 07, Izzie Edenburn added it Feb 16, The veil falling over the face announces that Nature reveals her truths only to the pure in heart, and atrot them from the curious and profane.

As zian to adeptship they point out that the neophyte must have energy and courage to sustain his efforts, must have knowledge to direct his energies properly, must labor ceaselessly for the realization of his aspirations, and must gradually tune his emotions to a higher, more spiritual vibratory level.

Nov 22, Karen rated it it was amazing.

Arcanum XI is figured by the image of a young girl who opens and closes without effort, with her hands, the jaws of an angry lion. The sacred serpent at the conqueror’s brow signifies the possession of that intellectual light which makes clear all the arcana of fortune.

To such a place there may be attracted lying spirits, as signified by the black dog; friendly spirits, as denoted by the white dog; or treacherous and dominating spirits who have much knowledge, as indicated by the white circle in which the scorpion moves, but who use it to deceive arid attain their selfish ends.

Strength depends upon harmony, and the music of their souls sounding across the spaces endows both with a hitherto unknown power to overcome obstacles, to gain the blossoms of experience on all three planes, as signified by the three flowers related to each of the 12 zodiacal signs.

  C152 POH PDF

Spiritual aspirations and devotion to furthering Sacrsd Great Plan, loving and unselfish endeavor to contribute the utmost to cosmic welfare, together with a clear conception of the laws of harmony, in time bring about the recognition across the spaces and the development of exchanging lines of force, which lead to this ineffable union.

I strongly encourage everybody to obtain a copy of the book for the whole sacredd of other fascinating and well-knit data. It hovers over a nude young girl who has one foot upon the sea and one foot upon the land, and who pours the fluid of universal life from two cups, one of gold, the other of silver.

The Sacred Tarot : The Ancient Art of Card Reading and the Underlying Spiritual Science

Above and back of this group the genie of justice, hovering in a flashing aureole of twelve rays, draws his bow and directs toward vice the arrow of punishment. Christian McKay added it Mar 23, His robe is white, image of purity, original or regained. Arcanum I is pictured by a Magus, type of the perfect man, that is to say, in full possession of his moral and physical faculties. Ludaisi marked it as to-read Mar sacrwd, The cup signifies the mixture of the passions which contribute sscred happiness and unhappiness according as we are their masters or their slaves.

The genie blowing the trumpet is the call to ascend to higher spheres. Hardcoverpages. Emily Auger rated it liked it Mar 09, Dec 14, Astral rated it it was amazing. Supreme Rain marked it as to-read Mar 19, Above is a radiant Sun of 21 rays, in the center of which is the symbol of conjugal union.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The four columns supporting the canopy represent the four quadrants of heaven which surround the conqueror.

The back of the book also includes a test for each chapter which I believe are the same tests given to Church of Light initiates.

The good and the bad, the ignorant and the learned, symbolized by the pyramids, are gathered there at the edge of the road into taro beyond.