Download Cs System Software Question Bank With Answers. Mpsc question answer FREE. QUESTION PAPER QUESTION. System software questions and answers pdf. Please find the two mark questions with answers below for system software – CS subject. Question Bank: 1. Computer Networks (CN) (CS) (CS52) ( CS) Question bank 1 (2 marks with answers) – View / Download Question Bank 2 (2.

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Explain the functions of program linking in machine dependent loader. If any error, it should warn the programmer by instructions to proceed from phase to phase. Environmental science and engineering Questions B Text record contains the translated instructions and data of the program. In the numeric format if the sign appears in the last byte it is known as the trailing numeric.

Each modification record specifies the starting address and the length of the field whose value is to be altered and also describes the modification to be performed. Here the target address is calculated using the formula T.

CS2304 System Software Question bank – 16 Marks Questions | Anna university CSE 5th Semester

What are the addressing modes used in VAX architecture? Input device is an electromechanical device, which accepts data from the outside world and translates them into a form, which the computer can interpret. The error handler is used to check if there is an error in the program. What are the 2 different techniques used forrelocation? Concatenation of macro parameters b. Define interactive debugging systems An interactive debugging system provides programmers with facilities that aid in the testing and debugging of programs.


In sustem line 10 the address is and the instruction is RESW 4.

CS System Software Two Marks and 16 Marks with Answers – SEC Edition

If the macro is expanded depends upon some conditions in macro definition depending on the arguments supplied in the macro expansion then it is called bznk conditional macro expansion. What are the methods in Interaction language of a text editor?

The major benefit of using control sections is to increase flexibility. What is the function performed in editing phase? What are called tokens?

Typing —oriented or text command oriented method b. How to request Study Material? The statement in which a macro calls on another macro,is called nested macro call.

OPTAB is usually organized as a hash table,with mnemonic operation code as the key. The phase specifies the region of interest.

The code optimization is designed to improve the intermediate code, which helps the object program to run faster and takes less space.

Give the difference between linking loader and linkage editors. Mention the tasks involved in macro expansion.

The word from the given address is fetched and it gives the address of the operand. What are the two different types of jump statements used in MASM assembler. What are the three different records vank in object program? This command direct the loader to read the designated object program from a library and treat it as the primary loader input.


Discuss in detail about Interactive debugging systems. This software makes it possible for the user to focus on the other problems to be solved with out needing to know how the machine works internally.

Determine how to format this view on-line and how to display it. Name some of text editors.

CS System Software Question Bank With Answers – RANJANI Edition

The header record contains the quesiton name,starting address and length of the program. Aftre each source statement is processed the length of the assembled instruction or data area to systej generated is added to LOCCTR and hence whenever we reach a label in the source program the current value of LOCCTR gives the address associated with the label. Environmental science and engineering Two Marks Wi The main disadvantage of interpreter is that the execution time of interpreted program is slower than that of a corresponding compiled object program.