Jan 20, A different kind of book is Shereshevsky’s ‘Endgame Strategy’, one will not learn the basics from this book at all; it has more to do with transitions from the . Shereshevsky – Endgame Strategy, pdf – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Endgame Strategy has 39 ratings and 3 reviews. Robert said: To provide to soviet masters a good reference book about all the endgames, GM Yuri Averbakh .

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Endgame Strategy by Mikhail Shereshevsky

Essential Knowledge ” by Yuri Averbakh ” Endgame Strategy ” by Mikhail Shereshevsky Averbakh’s handbook covers all the basic endgame theory that every chess player should know and it’s amazing how many don’t ; essential Many players will have already seen those games. More from GM BryanSmith. Arvid Broddefalk rated it it was amazing Oct 21, Tapani rated it it was amazing May 07, Few endgame texts covered topics in detail such as the famous advice “Do not hurry” or the srategy of schematic thinking though GM Jacob Aagaard does an excellent job in passing the baton to readers in his “Excelling at Technical Chess”.

This would hopefully allow him to get to the heart of other positions more quickly. I studied the book and found it too boring and weak.

Zetta-georgia Grapsa rated it it was amazing Sep 14, He also wrote Mastering the Endgame with Leonid Slutsky. Though I have Silman’s endgme course, I aim to get the Shereshevsky book to fill gaps and help achieve the positions in Silmans, and other’s books. And then they just apply their exact knowledge. In some of the examples there are other possibilities for the opposing side that Shereshevsky doesn’t address, and this can be frustrating.

Reuben Fine’s ” The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings ” nearly made it onto the list as a general guide, but apparently many of the variations are now too dated. Mark all topics as READ.


“Endgame Strategy” by Mikhail Shereshevsky

Refresh and try again. Richard rated it really liked it Jan 04, This is another book which I don’t really know how I got. In any case, in I decided I could benefit from this book, shereshevssky started looking at it more seriously.

Thirty rounds of chess between fifteen fabulous players including 3 World Champions, inspiring analysis, arguably the dawning of the new ‘modern age’ in chess. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Chess Tales: Definitive list of ‘must-have’ chess books

While I would hesitate to label any book, endgame or not, as “best”, I would stratety hard pressed to argue with your enthusiasm for this wonderful book. Scott rated it really liked it Dec 16, Often people have said that I am not very good at endgames. The ‘And Because’ Category Whilst the above books will all help your chess, this final category of books are in because I think it’s important stdategy know about shershevsky history of the game, in particular the Cold War politics, indoctrinated mindsets and repression that chess has been instrincally linked to: Log In or Join.

Games Collections ” Zurich International Chess Tournament ” by David Bronstein ” Understanding Chess Move by Move ” by John Nunn Bronstein’s work on the Candidates tournament was the first book on to my list, and if you are only allowed one book on a desert island, this is the one to take. I think the idea is that – since I never had a coach – I would have less hsereshevsky of the type of chess that is based on general understanding, for which a more experienced player can hand down the “tradition”.

This book – as its name implies – is about the endgame. I don’t think I read this book much when I was younger.

Endgame Strategy by Mikhail Shereshevsky. Fortunately, the “Endgame Strategy” is not too difficult to locate, but volume 1 of his two-volume set commands a cut throat cost.

Endgame Strategy By Mikhail Shereshevsky

I think a more accurate statement would have been “the concepts wer beyond my comprehension”. Both of the chosen endgaame were recommended to me, and receive exceptional reviews.


By using archetypal examples of sheershevsky kinds of endings, the author is trying to let the reader understand better the general battle lines. Sure, you can analyze the position for yourself and learn from that, but often you will want to hear what the author would say about some other possibility. Finally, for an endgame reference work there is Keres’ classic ” Practical Chess Endings “. Trivia About Endgame Strategy. Timman’s ” Art of Chess Analysis ” is similar to Nunn but covers great games from the 70’s’; Chernev’s ” The Straetgy Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played ” is a fabulous collection of well-chosen games, but I found the annotations annoying.

But not too much, or you won’t learn it well. The other criticism is that a fairly large number of the examples come from very famous old games, e. Aug 28, 1. He is mostly known as a trainer. Return to Book Page. Endgames ” Chess Rndgame You’ll notice there are no openings books, sheredhevsky only because the best ones depend on which openings you like to play. Aug 24, 5. Of course, Fischer’s ” My 60 Memorable Games ” remains a ‘must-have’ book, but I’d be more tempted by Kasparov’s five volume series on ” My Great Predecessors ” start with part 5 on Korchnoi and Karpov.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In fact any of the Dvoretsky books could be in this list; I suggest looking out for the revised Olms versions as they appear this year, or picking up cheap used copies of the older works.

Dvoretsky’s ” Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual “harder work, but the next step after you’ve mastered Averbakh’s book.