By Marshall Erwin Rommel Infantry Attacks on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Published August 29th by Greenhill Books (first published ) .. In Infantry Attacks, we get a clear look at Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s life before his. It certainly is. The hard lessons of war are learned through the blood and death of others. Only fools want to learn these lessons again with their.

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Between then and daybreak a few hours’ rest could be taken, but shortly before dawn the work had to be continued. Ahead of us on the edge of the woods half a mile south of Dun, the 4th Battery of the 49th Eield Artillery Regiment, with which I had served a month before, was engaged in violent action against the enemy from a half-concealed position.

Infanttry were crying with pain and mingled with these voices we heard the sound of French: As soon as the formations had been reordered, the battalions set infabtry toward Gomery through the south part of Bleid. The man on my left suddenly cried out and rolled on the ground in pain. The latter said that his regiment had retired hours ago and that, excepting dead and wounded, nothing remained in the woods up ahead. It’s well written, interesting and easy to infantrj.

Any movement was out of the question, but fortunately for us the enemy was still shooting high. Atyacks quickly informed my men of my intention to open fire. His story begins on July 31,the eve of war. All copies in the Eibrary of Congress and in the Army Eibrary in the Pentagon have, however, mysteriously disappeared.

I was mounted on the extreme left flank of the battalion. At this point we received this order: A few rommeel ago we would have laughed had we been told that this kind of miserable existence was even possible. I was sent back to report to the regimental command attaccks and to bring up the kitchens. Crazed with pain he cried out: Quotes from Infantry Attacks. Tanks Attack about tank warfare, and gathered much material during the North Africa Campaign.


Rommel graphically describes his own achievements, and those of his units, in the swift-moving battles on the Western Front, in the ensuing trench warfare, in the campaign in Romania, and in the pursuit across the Tagliamento and Piave rivers. Soon bright flames leapt from the roof. I was taken to General Ganger’s blok post, on the hill one-half mile southwest of Villancourt, to give him my message. The platoon’s cover was such that shooting was impossible.

Infantry Attacks

To my intense regret, an older officer was given command of this outfit and I was left atatcks to continue my search for the 2d Battalion, th Infantry.

In preparing this edition J.

We fired as fast as we were able but they kept coming. On returning we found the battalion had moved.

Yes, he was a tool in that mechanism, but he prefered the militarism, tactics and strategies of war far more than the political necessities. We turned toward the sound romml the guns and moved over a narrow trail, both sides of which were covered with a heavy underbrush. To read the book is not only to see war through the eyes of a man, during WWII would be considered one of the war’s mots brilliant generals, but also to come to kno This book is not a manual of military instructions.

Infantry Attacks : Erwin Rommel :

On one occasion a shell struck the slope above us and rolled back into our trench, but luckily it was a dud. To reestablish contact I went back to the northeast comer of the woods with two men who brought the prisoners and pack horses along.

As the units took their positions, the French artillery fire diminished noticeably and then fell silent. It was hard to pick out the enemy soldiers on the level meadow land and in the light errwin the burning buildings of Rembercourt.


Sivils rated it really liked it. Attack Of Defuy Woods During the night our reconnaissance elements were able to determine that the enemy had taken up a defensive position some two miles distant in Defuy Woods. infantrh

If you make minor corrections, increment version number by 0. The 2d of August, a portentous Sabbath! The night passed without incident and toward morning we had a decided drop in the temperature.

Retrieved 18 October The French artillery was principally in open positions, and even the French infantry was exhibiting a great lack of caution. Infahtry of the time we had telephone connections with the regiment, but shells kept breaking the line.

We suffered no losses, but during the operation the machine-gun platoon commander complained to the regimental commander regarding my arbitrary assumption of command. F rom September 7 to 9, the F rench artillery expended considerable quantities of ammunition. Infantry Attacks by Erwin Rommel. Verdun was seventeen miles northeast of Briceaux. There was general amazement at our return, as we had been given up for lost.

The text would later be adopted by the German zttacks during the enter-war years as Rommel served as an instructor in the Reichswehr I have long been fascinated by the “legend” of the Desert Fox. All the young faces radiated joy, animation, and anticipation.

I had to load fast, aim calmly and quickly, and hold my aim. However as a first hand account of the war from a German’s perspective, let alone one who served on fronts we often don’t hear much about this book is nuanced, fascinating and touching.

In this classic study of the art of war Rommel analyses the tactics that lay behind his success.