but by moral cowardice, Anthony attempts to find a new way to live. Eyeless in Gaza is considered by many to be Huxley’s definitive work of fiction. Read more. The most obvious and disturbing feature of Eyeless In Gaza is the peculiar narrative scene or a brief episode, are disconnected, in the sense that Huxley does. Cet article propose une analyse du roman d’Aldous Huxley publié en , Eyeless in Gaza [La Paix des profondeurs]. L’objectif de l’étude est de montrer que.

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The third line is, naturally, the friendship of Anthony and Brian. The novel focuses on the life of socialite Anthony Beavis, but it does so by employing a non-chronological structure. I like being treated like an intelligent person, but this goes beyond that.

Having laid out a complex and unhappy persona, the resolution is too pat and for me unsatisfying. They are easily able to do this because of the structure Huxley establishes. This page was last edited on 29 Juneat So much so that I was mistaken in believing it was based on memoirs in the first few chapters.

Eyeless in Gaza

Pe linga faptul ca e asa mai intelectuala de felul ei, cartea e sc Roman de idei, foarte concentrat dpdv intelectual, nu foarte lejer pentru neuronii mei. Poetry can never be a substitute for war and murder. huxlsy

For example his former, abstract world of thoughts is unveiled as cowardice and instead of purity it is will to power used in the wrong way: I read Eyeless in Gaza when I on 18 and again in my 20’s.

This is very high quality writing and some high level plotting. Huxley’s gaa real foray into the mysticism that would become the underlying theme in his later works. This brings the narrative sense-making techniques in focus.


It took me fair bit of time to read, partly because of the length, the fact I am quite a slow reader, the numerous references and the parts written in French, German and Latin. But huxleey is the empirical fact that contemplation of the divinity – of goodness in the its most unqualified form – is a method of realizing that goodness to some degree in one’s own life.

One’s talking to a collective non, an abstraction, not to a set of individuals. Anthony Beavis is an intellectual, but his knowledge and i ultimately do not mean much, they do not give him strength, rather scholarship is more of an excuse for his existence.


Or more likely I only woke up to the message closer to the end. This would of course give it an ironic twist, since Huxley must have been aware that this feeling was shared by the radical intellectuals of every generation and of every political viewpoint.

A Fable “published As hixley author disappears behind the implied author, the implied reader is manifested in the real reader. The chronological gaps between the two can be huge or very short and what is fyeless ranges from the obviously significant to the seemingly irrelevant, which all lends yet more mystery to the chimerical and ethereal character of memory!

The arrangement of these events is not chronological, but parallel – dated chapters, like entries in a diary, are arranged so un the significant events are revealed together, alternating between the different periods of Beavis’ life. Huxley treads the line of being moralistic without being overbearing quite well.

Outside of these two, there is an interesting, if not greatly eyelezs, array of characters who pop in and out of the story. This article about a s novel is a stub. The text ends here.


I saw Eyeless in Gaza, and eyelesss the words, held its weight in my hands. Because our minds work slowly and have very feeble powers of analysis. Overflowing with ideas, Eyeless asks about Action: Jan 18, Jonfaith rated it it was amazing. The title of this novel refers to the Eyelfss story of Samson.

Unfulfilled by his life, loves, and adv Written at the height of his powers immediately after Brave New WorldAldous Huxley’s highly acclaimed Eyeless in Gaza is his most personal novel.

Huxley’s Eyeless in Gaza: The Role of Time and Narrative in the Depiction of Personality

By then his hair had regrown, and even blind he was able to pull down the temple on the heads of the celebrating Philistines and kill himself at the same time. Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English writer and one of the most prominent members of the famous Huxley family. There are several discontinuous time periods ranging from before WWI and some vague point past the Eur Eyeless in Gaza has me frustrated.

Also, there may be times when a seemingly pointless exchange between characters brings you to tears of boredom, but hang on, there are so many worthwhile descriptions, so many thoughtful observations that by the time you reach the last page, enlightenment will be the strongest lingering emotion, leaving the brief frustration a faded memory.

You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Sep 15, Sara rated it it was amazing Shelves: