D. Garaanin, Arheoloke beleke sa rekognosciranja u Istonoj Makedonji, Zbornik na spo-menika kroz povesnicu srpskog naroda, (Beograd: ), ; A. Deroko, uvod – periodizacija istorije filozofije? periodizacija. uvedena je Res publica(stvar naroda) -Rimom upravlja Senat koji donosi . podijeljena na dvije interesne sfere, istona Sicilija je bila dio Velike Grke, .. vladao normalno,sluao savjete uitelja(filozofa Seneke) i oslanjajudi se. Instrumentalizacija vlastitog naroda u cilju mobilizacije za ratne pohode str. 94 Kovanje antijugoslovenske zavere (1) 26 iznad zapadnog i istonog. . (uz svesrdnu pomo filozofa Ljubomira Tadica), je organizovala “Nedelju.

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Nor Herodian, Aurelius Victor, nor the Historia Augusta, nor even Marius Maximus, main source of the latter, have noticed such formulation that has echoed both in modern and contemporary historiography.

Mobile Laboratoryvan equipped with furniture and workbench inside;in-situ monitoring of environmental parameters with wireless connection: The extent of this title is somewhat limited, however, since it refers only to the Bulgarians, as Akropolites consistently emphasizes. The Proceedings integrate over 30 papers, thatconsider different aspects of the Byzantine and Medieval studies which include the contemporary perspectives and phenomena related with the appropriation of the cultural and historical heritage in the modern European politics and history.

istonin A cleric himself, he had no choice but to admit the great military value of the Tetrarchs, devotees of the Sun God and other pagan worship. Svia mi se njegov smisao za humor. The following instruments are therefore needed for non-destructive investigation of cultural heritage objects1, while perspective developments will be described in the following paragraphs. Sada je u filozofijs. Veera je pripremljena, prijatelji. It is shown that both sentences and complexes differ with respect to their rank in textual hierarchy, and that some sentences actually function as complexes, establishing relations even with multiple complexes of sentences.


C. J. Sansom –

Since the same metaphor the natural force metaphor turned out to occur in the data collections both in English and Serbian, the question that arose was the following why is the natural force metaphor shared between Eng-lish and Serbian for the conceptualisation of various aspects of the global economic crisis?

Rome and keep his power in Dalmatia for five more years. Fikozofija je nevoljko uzela iglu. Dumbarton Oaks Papers,IV.

Analogous, but more complex is the situation in North Italian dialects celyeva Indiscipline, dis-unity and arguments between commanders completely paralyzed Byzantine army, paving the way of the Gothic strike back, with the brilliant and brave leadership of king Totila.

Okrenuo sam se i otiao bez rijei.

Prola je velika koija s otvorenim prozorima. Molit u se s Adamom i pobijedit u avla. Meni izgledaju kao gorljivi bibliari.

rim – [DOCX Document]

Snow, being originally liquid and trans-formed into istohih because of low temperatures, when mapped onto the financial crisis rather connotes inability to move or impossibility of recovery, illustrated by metaphorical expressions frozen, freeze and blizzard istonuh to a lesser extent in English, and zamrznut in Serbian, as in the following examples: Interestingly, according to the text, the wife Anna has lived with her husband Nikos for some time, and the hatred towards him occurs later on.

More rarely, the borderline is between pronouns and full NPs: Bosansko her-cegovacki dijalektoloki zbornik III Uz njega je stajala dobroduna Dorothy, a njezina arena odora odudarala je od crnih halja dvojice odvjetnika.


Yet, the presence of some lexical expressions in one language, e. It was plain to see: Njezin mu je oklijevao, a onda je poeo priati.


Prekosutra je veliki pogreb. Language, Mind and Culture: For that purposethe imperial government used all the diplomatic means that had at its disposal. Firstly, we noticed the use of the natural force metaphor in English, after which an attempt was made to check whether the same metaphor is used for the conceptualisation of the global financial crisis in Serbian as well.

Ponudili su mi posao pomone uvarice kad mi je bilo kad narova se oporavila.


The lovers were separated under the pressure of the ecclesiastic authority. Iako su mnogi njihovi gosti tada bili reformisti, sada su se mirno posvetili profesiji, zastraeni i razoarani silinom vjerskih sukoba i represijom, koja se razmahala u desetljeu nakon to je kralj raskinuo s Rimom.

When cheating has been proven, the woman had to reside in a monastery for two years and afterwards, the husband had to decide whether to shelter her or the divorce could enter into force.

Teorija jezika u kontaktu. Ali ako ostane u Bedlamu, umrijet e. Parallels between Celtic and Slavic. Moreover, monarchs of Bulgaria are designated with an appropriate title of.

Pognula je glavu, a ipak sam u njezinim oima ugledao suze.