We demystify the seduction technique called fractionation seduction, explaining the theory behind it & some practical examples of how it is used. Fractionation Seduction Examples. By Steven Farquhar. Do you want to know what that miracle dating technique is that every guy has been talking about. For example, most of the guys who know how to use mind control to seduce women would rather keep this technique to themselves obviously.

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Do it quickly, say, within a couple of minutes. The art of seduction. And would probably not want to anyway. A couple of weeks, at least.

Pickup Artists, eat your heart out”. Are you on Amazon? If anything, Fractionation works even better when it comes to ex-girlfriends or wives.

Fractionation, the Secret Seduction Technique Demystified

For this same reason, many of us read the same authors over and over. To set the record straight, he left his job for a much better job, plus he received a whuge inheritance. Well, Jessica, you absolutely have to right to judge.

Some women react immediately to these roller coasters, while others may take repeated exposures to Fractionation before giving in. Any kind of story, or description where you are focusing on seduftion up certain emotions. There are several things you need to work on: Keep it for yourself instead. Describe to me how you felt exactly? The mind control technique targets certain weaknesses in a woman thereby making her subversive to whatever you want you bet this sounds great.

Ask any woman what they like and she will tell you that she likes honesty and feeling good around you. Similarly, get her to describe that incident as vividly as possible.


Fractionation Seduction: Seducing Your Way To A Woman’s Heart

However, on one of the subsequent meetings he would suddenly start to warm up to you. Should I use this trick immediately upon meeting her? Raising the American flag on Iwo Jima would be a quitessential WWII icon for triumph, and this statue is the icon for the rewards of just victory. If she cherishes the memory, she will smile, giggle, and laugh about it. There are two stages when it comes to fractionation.

So far, so good? Then proceed to take the following steps. You can get her to talk about her positive experiences in different ways and indirectly. An emotional bond encourages a woman to open up. How do you control her mind? It is of utmost importance that you dress properly and smell nice.

By far the most complete Fractionation guide online. A post shared by Avinash Muddappa avinashmuddappa on Jul 2, at 5: Heck, truly, it had taken me a good few years to find out what the fractionation formula is… … and the good news is that you can learn this from me in this article today as well as an Action Checklist cum Cheat Sheet that you are going to get from me for free… details below.

Therefore, if you have bad intentions or if you want to use this technique to hurt women, understand that you will most likely cause irreparable damage on their psyche. Your email address will not be published.

Fractionation Seduction Steps™ (3 Simple Steps To Dominate Her)

While this is a very powerful set of tools, just be careful. Fractionation is rumored to give men superpowers when it comes to seduction. If this is the case, I want you to stop reading at this point and leave this website.


Fractionation seduction was explored for fractionatioon first time by renowned psychologists, including Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, and later developed by John Grinder, a neuro-linguistic programming expert.

You can do this by letting her know you inside out. I was dozing back to sleep until he whacked my head with his sedduction Katana. This is when the Fractionation effect kicks in.

Talk about emotionally rich stories about falling in love, excitement, etc. Here, over time can mean anything from minutes to hours, or even weeks.

T he usage of mind control in attracting and seducing women is not new. The truth is that all successful authors, scriptwriters and movie directors are masters at using Fractionation to put their audiences fractioation trance. And I believe that I have found it… in the seductioh of fractionation. This guide on Fractionation is fairly comprehensive, and written in a simple way so that it can be easily learned by just about anyone. Over the years, the October Man has declined somewhat in popularity, and has been superseded by what many call as October Man 2.

When you start talking, stay confident and ask her lots of questions about herself women love to talk about themselves.

This is a guaranteed seduction technique that has been used for many years. Hi, Some guy used this technique on me in an abusive relationship.

There are two fresh sets of Fractionation routines which you can download by clicking here. Things, however, always get much simpler the next exapmles of times they visit.