Containing an assortment of one hundred and three poems, Gitanjali: Rabindranath Tagore is an English translation of various poems and works of the . Gitanjali – Profound spiritual poems of Rabindranath Tagore written after a period of great turmoil, during which he lost much of his family. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 33 by Rabindranath Tagore. Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Gitanjali | Spiritual Poems of Rabindranath Tagore | FREE BOOK!

Other than that I prefer reading ghat instead of beaches and sharad kal and veena instead of mid July weather and musical instrumental. But when the translated version in English was published in by the India Society of London, it took only 50 poems from the original text.

If I call not thee in my prayers, if I keep not thee in my heart, thy love for me still waits for my love. Born in and having found his calling at the tender age of eight, Tagore chiselled his artistic bent to perfection by diligently harbouring an observant and free stream of thought in his heart.

They are simple but yet so profound. Maybe some books are written for some people. If you are the same with Tagore, you would opine that the God to whom Tagore is devoted is the same God you are devoted to. I wonder where lies thy path! A colleg I have often seen my uncle with his tattered and time worn copy of Gitanjali.


Gitanjali in literal meaning denotes an offering of a handful of songs. He came when the night was still; he had his harp in his hands, and my dreams became resonant with its melodies.

Gitanjali: Song Offerings

In this laborious wo A collection of beautiful poems you might not want to miss reading! The morning light has flooded my eyesthis is thy message to my heart. There was none in the world who ever saw her face to face, and she remained in her loneliness waiting for thy recognition.

The mind no longer clings to the desires of yesterday. It feels as if Tagore is a writer, painter, musician and fabindranath charioteer of rabiindranath soul, all at the same time.

My favorite poems are the one involving God as playmate and mother. The Gardener 4 Stars Nationalism 3 Stars This book forms part of my remarkably extensive reading list on Nobel Prize for Literature Awardees This review along with other reviews has been cross-posted at imbookedindefinitely A free ebook copy is legally downloadable here, along with a voluminous number of other works: She sat next to me and read a few poems aloud, from her favorite passages she had marked as a child.

Hmm, I seem to be too lost to begin with this review. Thy face is bent from above, thy eyes look down on my eyes, and my heart has touched thy feet. Although now that I have finished reading it, I do not recollect each of the poems but there are a few that I shall always remember. Don’t let my writing decide if you should read this book or not, read it nevertheless.


Gitanjali: Song Offerings by Rabindranath Tagore

They seek not for hidden treasures, they know not how to cast nets. I am writing this review, because I think I might die if I do not do so and do not ask me why.

Geteanjali life Middle years Political views. How is one to know that the time has come to be united with God? As a matter of fact,he took my fancy more when I had a nun student who recommended this book since it is her most favorite book. You should read them and experience that joy of reading a mystic yourself, that is all I can say. I leave you with a customary quotation.

I tried to write what came out of my heart at this very moment.

Lest I forget them they never venture to leave me alone. Chris Adams College Professor. Jan 17, Bo rated it really liked it.

Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore

The work was originally written in Bengali published over different Bengali books on poetry from where poems have been picked, compiled and consolidated in this book. When that happens they become regular companions. Best Spiritual poetry I have read in ages.