The lifetime teaching of Dogen can be found in one phrase: Genjo koan, says Nishiari Bokusan, the late head of the Soto school. : Dogen’s Genjo Koan: Three Commentaries (): Eihei Dogen, Nishiari Bokusan, Shohaku Okamura, Shunryu Suzuki, Sojun Mel. When Eihei Dogen compiled Shobogenzo, his collection of essays, he put the Genjo Koan first. The Genjo Koan, written by Dogen for a lay person, is his.

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Life is a position of time, and death is a position of time. When we affirm one side, we are blind to the other side. But to us, the ocean seems to be one large circle of water. Further, some are continually enlightened beyond enlightenment but some add more and more illusion.

When we see objects and hear voices with all our body and mind-and grasp them intimately-it is not a phenomenon like a mirror reflecting form or like a moon reflected on water. To be enlightened by all things is to be free from attachment to the body and mind of one’s self and of others. Zazen Yojinki Sankon Zazen Setsu. Buddhists do not speak of life becoming death. Yet, do not suppose that the ash is after and the firewood before. So if we want to know the way things naturally are, we should remember that the oceans and mountains have innumerably many characteristics besides the appearance of squareness or roundness, and we should remember that there are [other] worlds in [all] four directions.


Similarly, if someone is practicing and experiencing Buddhism, when he receives one teaching, he just realizes that one teaching, and when he meets one [opportunity to] act, he just performs that one action.

Yet in attachment blossoms fall, and in aversion weeds spread. Just as ashes do not become logs again after becoming ashes, man does not live again after death.

He finished this revision one-year before his death. When someone rides in a boat, as he looks at the shore he has the illusion that the shore is moving. Because the Buddha Way originally sprang forth from abundance and paucity, there is birth and death, delusion and enlightenment, sentient beings and Buddhas. You must realize that fish live by water and birds by sky.

Koah as man does not obstruct enlightenment, the dewdrop does not – obstruct the moon in the sky. You must realize that how short or long a time the moon is reflected in the water testifies to how small or large the water is, and how narrow or full the moon.

thezensite: Dogen’s Genjokoan

When the true law is not fully absorbed by our body and mind, we think that it is sufficient. The Zen master replied: But if a bird leaves the sky, it will immediately die, and if a fish leaves the water, it will immediately die. But right now, what you are working on is your practice, and when you work, just work in your position.

To study Buddhism is to study the self. The depth of the drop is the height of the moon.

And yet with this past and future, its present is independent of them. The Mountains and Waters Sutra: We want to attain enlightenment in realm of—both in realm of non-existent gsnjo existent. There are four ways of understanding the relationship of form and emptiness: And moment after moment, we exist in interdependency to past and future and other existence. It is like winter and spring—we don’t think winter becomes spring, we don’t say spring becomes summer.


Zen in daily life

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Burning logs become ashes – and cannot return again to logs. So this is called no-life. When fish go through water, there is no end to the water no matter how far they go.

When you have reached this stage you will be detached even from enlightenment but will practice it continually without thinking about it.

But when we find this place here and now, it naturally follows that our actual behavior realizes the Universe. Buddhists do not suppose that winter passes into spring or speak of spring passing into summer. When all things and phenomena exist as Buddhist teachings, then there are delusion and realization, practice and experience, life and koaj, buddhas and ordinary people. There is ceasing the traces of enlightenment, which causes one to forever leave the traces of enlightenment which is cessation.