A new hardcover edition of Zerzan’s first collection of essays, exploring alienation and the (John Zerzan, Author) Goodreads reviews for Elements Of Refusal. John Zerzan: Just today I was talking with a guy from the New York Times, and though I don’t know exactly what his focus is, he’s much more. Elements of Refusal. Review. Elements of Refusal by John Zerzan Second Edition, by CAL Press/Paleo Editions, POB , Columbia, MO , USA.

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Wild or tame, weeds or crops speak refysal that duality that cripples the soul of our being, ushering in, relatively quickly, the despotism, war and impoverishment of high civilization over the great length of that earlier oneness with nature. Flements two is made up of eleven essays on such topics as the private life of Karl Marx, the origins and causes of World War I, Luddism, and the problems of the labor movement in America, as well as other topics.

To the Egyptians and Babylonians mathematical figures had concrete referents: Factory production slowly supplanted that of the domestic svslcm in the face of fierce opposition, and workers experienced the!

Play, creativity, self-expression and authentic experience will recommence at that moment. Many of these ostensible pacifists actually became violent in their defense of corporate property, tackling people and shrieking at them about the need for nonviolence. Their insistent regularity constitutes in itself a repressive ideology.

Full text of “Elements of Refusal”

There had been no worship-cults during the Paleolithic, but now religion held sway, joyn it jonh worth remembering that for thousands of years art’s function will be to depict the gods. We grow more dependent on glitter and distraction to fill the void where all that is human is gutted. It’s not surprising that in the wake of recent global uprisings this stroppy author and activist from the US town of Eugene in Oregon has become a focus for State and media attention.

In attempting a typology of the egalitarian society, Morton Fried declared that it had no regular division of labor and thus no political power accrued therefrom and that “Almost all of these societies are founded upon hunting and gathering and lack significant harvest periods when large reserves of food are stored. Wax said of the nineteenth century Pawnee Indians, “Life had a rhythm but not a progression. To realize that representation begins with language, actualized in the creation ot a reproducible formal structure, is already to apprehend the fundamental tic between language and number.


Likewise, the failure of the Tower of Babel suggests, as Russell Fraser put it, ”the isolation of man in historical time. With the beginning of agricultural and pastoralist modes of production, we see the will to dominate nature and other humans emerge.

They were from two different redusal. Hopefully, this book will be one of the last you ever have to read. Franz Borkenau provided the key as to why a profound change in the Western world-view took place in the seventeenth century, a movement to a fundamentally mathematical-mechanistic outlook. But painting cannot negate painting, nor can sculpture invalidate sculpture, keeping in mind that all symbolic culture is the co-opting of perception, expression and communi- cation.

Refisal third essay concerns mathematics, observing that, “Human helplessness seems to be directly proportional to mathematical technology’s domination over nature Being alive in nature, before our abstraction from it, must have involved rffusal perception and contact that we can scarcely comprehend from our levels of anguish and alienation.

Refusql Hobsbawm pointed out, the populace was ilcfinitely not originally attracted to standardized products; industrializa- ion gradually enabled production “to expand its own markets, if not actually to create them. I recently ran across several of these flyers and posters in a edition of the Loompanics catalogue and they have lost none of their power as anti-authoritarian propaganda.

With the s quantified, official time staked its claim to the colonization of modern life; time then became fully abstracted into a uniform jhon of units, points and sections.

It is a daunting task, potentially full of political pitfalls. The blat of everyday survival threatens to drown out some important voices of our time.

Soon, following the anti- natural linearity of plow culture, the inflexible degree gridiron plan of even earliest cities appeared.


Though he was a devout Christian, Descartes renewed the distaneing from life that an already fading God could no longer effectively legitimize. For several years now Zerzan has been a contributing editor to Anarchy – A Journal of Desire Armedand has become a leading proponent of the theoretical orientation known as anarcho-primitivism.

All modes of expression, according to Donald Lowe, “rejected the linear perspective of visuality and Archimedean reason, in that crucial decade of !

The overwhelming power of present-day ruling notions and the requirements of sheer survival leave many of us virtually incapable of recognizing how diverse are the possibilities of life. Evidence of the urge to impose order or subjugate is found in the coercive rites and uncleanncss taboos of incipient religion. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. In the paper edition, this article appears on page s Life and nature became mere quantity, the unique lost its strength, and soon the Newtonian image of the world as a clock-like mechanism prevailed.

In a much earlier time, we arc reminded, the direct and concrete held sway; Ihcre existed a “plethora of terms for the touched and seen.

Elements Of Refusal

The eventual subduing of the world that is agriculture has at least some of its basis where ambiguous behavior is ruled out, purity ami defilement defined and enforced. In Critias, Plato described Attica as “a skeleton wasted by disease,” referring to the deforestation of Greece and contrasting it lo its earlier richness. Grazing by goats and sheep, the first domesticated ruminants, was a defusal factor in the denuding of Greece, Lebanon, and North Africa, and the desertification of the Roman and Mesopotamian empires.

Here was a radical departure, as the urgency of time seized upon humanity.