Mumbai Mirror, Thursday, February 7, “Sense and Sensuality” Kissa Yoni Ka, the Hindi avatar of Vagina Monologues manages to walk. Kissa Yoni Ka: What The Vagina Monologues Mean In Hindi. By Lauren O’Neal. January 30th, As reports of the utterly horrifying rape and death of a. kissa yoni ka – The air was filled with the hushed voices of women in the theatre. Many were reluctant to attend the staging of ‘Kissa Yoni Ka’.

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After the agony of childbirth, a sense of relief took over me,” said Sunita. The different answers given by women of varying ages, status and personal histories form the ten to twelve monologues that make up the play. Tuesday’s was the first in a series of 10 performances of the play to be alternatively held at Prithvi theatre and Jai Hind college auditorium reaching out to nearly 3, women from the slums of Thane, Mankhurd, Dharavi and others. Mahabanoo Modi Kotwal Writer: At least women, young and old from the dingiest slums in Mumbai were seated in anticipation nervously fidgeting with the ends of their dupattas waiting for the play to begin.

Those of us who think that the secret to empowerment and even sexuality lies in the mind and not the vulva might find the play taking itself too seriously at times.

Theatre Workshops Production oriented acting workshop by nsd graduates Discover the star course at Crafters. Ritu says, “I started off by doing research to understand the colloquial, anatomical terms for vagina etc.

The actors speak too fast though, and before the first impressions have sunk in, a new chapter begins. Of the few men that attended the play, year-old Yogesh Kamble said that girls are conditioned to believe that they always need to keep themselves covered with a dupatta. Another is the story of a woman humiliated by her husband for her pubic hair, while in yet another Bosnian women recount their rapes at the hands of Serbian soldiers.


Now share the story Too bad. But no one can deny the courage and relevance of this effort.

kissa yoni ka Archives at What’s Up Gurgaon

The essential organ of the female body is trivialised by being called a ‘phuddi’ in hindi or ‘mayyan’ in rajput clans of Rajasthan. Kader Khan’s son dismisses reports of the actor’s demise, says it’s all a lie. The air was filled with the hushed voices of women in the theatre.

Get theatre updates in your inbox subscribe to Mumbai Theatre Guide weekly ak. The audience ia blew him away. Talking about sex and sexuality in Hindi means either mouthing a series of expletives or a set of unheard of Sanskrit terms that sound very out of place in spoken language. With an all NSD Graduate syllabus characterizations, method acting, camera performance, play readings and scene work rehearsals. These monologues have reportedly shocked and scandalised people around the world.

The translation must have been a tricky affair. For translators Ritu Bhatia and Jaideep Sarkar, it was an uphill task to retain the essence of Ensler’s writing.

The play’s script scores low for its predictable answers, and lacks in the creative wit one would expect from a good writer. There is one lesbian encounter played out in rosy details. Eve Ensler’s award winning play was written after Interviewing women from all over the world, including Bosnia and Kosovo. A Fifth Quarter Infomedia Pvt. Sunita was married off as a child and delivered a child at Collage Workshop for Kids 8 years years Mixed Media: Since then, it has enthralled and jolted audiences.

But not all the actors take to it comfortably. Fill in your details below or jissa an icon to log in: Kissa Yoni Ka, the Hindi avatar of Vagina Monologues manages to walk the translation tightrope without succumbing to vulgarity.


Not long kisda, government authorities in Chennai tried to stop a performance, saying it would create law and order problems. October 14, This site uses cookies. Register a workshop View all workshops.

Vagina, in hindi, is used as a cuss word. It is not clear what message the play intends to send. Real issues concerning women run much deeper. Hopefully the Hindi translation will help the team do just that. But the task has been handled deftly. The director, Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal and stage veteran Dolly Thakore, speak the language with so much strain that the kissw is diluted.

How The Vagina Monologues is far more than a women-centric play

He sent the script to his mother soon after. The play then proceeds to bolder themes. Its beauty and strength lies in the fact, that the women whose stories these are belong to the indomitable group of people we call survivors.

Email required Address never made public. The Hindi version uses old movie songs whose lyrics when doubly interpreted fit the topic of the next monologue. From picking up a book called Sex Kya Hai at a railway stall to calling up friends in my home town, Jaipur, and telling them to ask their grandmothers about the colloquial terms for vagina, I did it all.

This play has spawned two global movements: After watching the play, these women intend to initiate discussions on sex and their sexuality amidst slum communities. There is a certain robust energy about Vagina Monologues that has kept it alive on the Mumbai stage for so long. With an all NSD Graduate syllabus characterizations, method acting, camera performance, play readings and scene work rehearsals. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.