Maldoror ; and, Poems / [by] Comte de Lautreamont ; translated [from the French] comte de, ; French poetry.; Poetry in French, – English. Maldoror and the Complete Works of the Comte de Lautréamont [Comte de Flowers of Evil: A Selection (New Directions Paperbook) (English and French. Maldoror and Poems (Penguin Classics) [Lautreamont, Paul Knight] on The Flowers of Evil (Oxford World’s Classics) (English and French Edition). Total price .

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The late ‘s must have been an amazing time for emerging writers, so many ‘new’ concepts and writing styles were created then. If you have been following my reviews for any length of time you will be aware that there are many things of which I am afraid. My dearest wish had been granted, I no longer belonged to mankind. Sleep … sleep forever. Some of these authors ARE very good, and worthy of being respected as great writers if not family guysbut others seem to have become totally psychotic and took up a pen while blitzed or having an episode of mental derangement.

Whereas Burroughs gleefully wallows in confusion and irreverence, Ducasse seems driven, at the end of the day, by a powerful sense of morality. Consequently, shrinking soul, turn on your heels and go back before penetrating further into such uncharted, perilous wastelands.

Comte de Lautréamont Quotes (Author of Maldoror and the Complete Works)

Si no puedes llorar por los ojos, llora por la boca. Yet it is increasingly the shark that haunts my mind like he haunts the sea, silently slicing through the darkness until he is upon me, intent on ripping out my throat!

Being 20, I enjoyed the adolescent tone and nature of this prose poem, however I can see how other readers may view it as nothing more than grotesque random scenes with at times almost incoherent babbling. This page was last edited on 21 Septemberat De otro lado la artificialidad se nota a mi parecer mucho en toda la obra.


How feeb If you have been following my reviews for any length of time you will be aware that there are many things of which I am afraid. Apart from these opening segments, each chapter is typically an isolated, often surreal episode, which does not seem at first to be directly related to the surrounding material.

Maldoror = Les Chants de Maldoror, together with a translation of Lautréamont’s Poésies

They have surveyed whatever man can mladoror, find that they know all, meet in that same ignorance whence they started. In any case, what most struck me while I read Les Chants is that Maldoror is essentially a kind of Mr. And when I say that, I mean it. The Songs of Maldoror Cover of the first French edition.

Lautresmont as the work progresses, certain common themes emerge among the episodes. Les Chantes de Maldoror is best known for the praise afforded to it by the Surrealists. To me, Ducasse appropriated the style of writing from the Revelations book in the Bible, wrote from a Lucifer follower’s viewpoint, and placed his nightmarish scenes dreams?

Englisg soul does not fall. Hogs, when they look at me, vomit. Sometimes you fuck sharks after shipwrecks. My skin is encrusted with the scabs and scales of leprosy, and covered with yellow pus.

Indeed, it is probably one of the strangest literary works that I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

Yet this resemblance can only be superficial. Mqldoror thinking particularly of the early “bench scene” where the nonsense Maldoror spouts out to the kid very closely resembles very prevalent nihilist views of the time, the same that Dostoevsky was tackling in works like “Demons”. Return to Book Page. The swimmer is now in the presence of the female shark he has saved. Up till now, misfortune has been described in order to inspire terror and pity.

Malxoror, from the spectacle of your fecund breasts emerges the notion of ingratitude, for one thinks immediately of those innumerable parents ungrateful enough towards the Creator to abandon the fruit of their sorry unions.


The historical record explains this book enchanted many artists who later read this book. Now, years later, I’ve revisited it: And I mingled with the crowd, I mixed with my fellow men, speaking my thought out loud!

He was brought up to speak three languages: Michel Houellebecq 2 After reading the last part of lautrwamont Chants de Maldoror” I thought of giving up literature due to embarrassment of my own literary achievements. Maldoror lautreamlnt a sha In a work reminiscent of the sort of wonderfully mindless and meandering crap that you’d expect from a trench-coated, emotionally or sexually insecure teen, the titular Maldoror, shark-fucker and god-hater extraordinaire, weaves his black and demonic way through a pastiche of abominations.

Englksh can imagine the shock of a 19th century reader. It was half a century ahead of its time, after all surrealists in the ‘s were the engoish one’s to consider it the visionary masterpiece that it is.

I hail you old ocean! Yet I prefer not to think of Maldoror as the Devil, as something so easy to digest.

Would you then claim that because I had insulted as if making light of them mankind, the Creator, and myself in my explicable hyperboles, my mission were complete? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Camus was also fascinated about this work and there are shadows of Maldoror in “The Stranger. They swim around keeping each other in sight, and each one saying to himself: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

To When I was maldogor university, a TA in one of my poetry courses gave me this book and I was completely fascinated by it. The latter do not disturb people, are no more mistaken in their malddoror on everything than others.